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Published by Zoe

Easy and Tasty!



  • 125g Butter
  • 55g Caster Sugar
  • 180g Plain Flower


Heat the over at 190C/375F.

Beat the butter and sugar together until pale.

Stir in the flour. Turn on to a work surface and roll out until the mixture is 1cm thick.

Cut into fingers and sprinkle with sugar. Put on a baking tray and bake in the oven 15-20 minutes until pale golden.

Hopee this helps your cookery lesson go great! x


  • Lol I Need Help 6 years ago

    R these mini

  • Love It So Nice If You Dont Cook It Perfectly 7 years ago

    Lovely and chewey

  • Deborah Love 7 years ago

    I loved it because its a quick and easy recipie and it worked out really good and turned out perfect

  • Deborah 7 years ago

    This was so good and delicious i don't now what to say about it that's how nice it was so scrumptious delicious

  • Sam J. 9 years ago

    Would It work if using self raising flour?...

  • Jason 10 years ago

    This actually works but be careful, they taste disgusting if they reach light brown. Consider a lower temperature maybe.

  • ROSS B. 10 years ago

    this is a much easier way to make quick and tasty food to go in my lunch and it is very nice!!!!

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