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Stuffed Peppers

Published Monday, 11 January, 2010 by izzie

spiced couscous and cheese



  • large pepper, one per person eating
  • couscous
  • cheese (goats is best but chedder will do)
  • spices such as chilli, cumin, mixed herbs, paprka
  • if you want to add tuna or ham ect into the mix feel free it all tasted good


1) Put the couscous in a pan and add boiling water, cook until ready.

2) drain any excess water from the pan and add chopped cheese unles using goats cheese, where this goes on top just before cooking

3) add any other ingredence such as tuna meat tofu ect

4) add prefered spices and flavours

pack into halfed peppers and (goats cheese on here) and stick in the oven till the pepper skin is sof and cooked. dont let them burn!


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