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Super Noodles With A Quick Twist

Published Wednesday, 13 July, 2011 by Sephora

Quick, different, enjoyable



  • -packet noodles, any flavour (would advise chicken super noodles for best results)
  • -tomato ketchup
  • -salt (your choice)
  • -vinegar
  • -cheese
  • - cold meat ie; chicken, ham, corned beef (i would recommend chicken for best results)


1. Firstly fill the kettle and boil it.

2. Fill a small/medium sized pot with about 250ml of the water from the kettle or if you prefer your noodles with more water, i would put in around 275/280ml.

3. Put the pot on the cooker and turn it on at medium heat, once the water starts to boil add the noodles.

4. Once the noodles and water are starting to boil add around half a cap full of vinegar into the noodles.

5. Once the water from the noodles as started to evaporate and you have mixed them and you think they feel ready take hem off the heat.

6. If there is still too much water for your taste drain the noodles, add the sachet of powdered sauce to the noodles and mix then add about a table spoon of ketchup (or more/less depending on what you like)

7. After stirring the noodles cut a cube of cheese and grate/slice, then add to the noodles and stir until it has melted and became gooey, then get your cold met ad tear into strips then add to the noodles.]

8. Once you have mixed you noodles and everything has became one and the cheese has melted, add to a bowl and if needed add salt.

9. Serve your noodles and enjoy:)

ps. If you have anything you would like to add thn comment below and let me know:)

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