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Published Wednesday, 28 April, 2010 by Jimmy

Toast :P



  • Bread
  • Butter


Put bread in toaster, wait untill it pops.

Take out, butter the bread.

Done :P.


  • b 8 years ago

    best toast recipe i've ever tried, thanks ;)

  • sam 8 years ago

    this recipe just didnt work out for me. i couldnt get the toast out of the toaster onto a plate and into my mouth without it being ruined :-(. think i'll try a simpler recipe or just eat the dust in the corners or the cupboards

  • jimmy 9 years ago

    its ok babe

  • zach 9 years ago

    im so sorrry

  • Jimmy 9 years ago

    No u Silly boy

  • zach 9 years ago

    are yah deaf?

  • Jimmy 9 years ago

    Sorry babe

  • zach 9 years ago

    dont call me babe

  • Jimmy 9 years ago

    Cheers babe

  • zach 9 years ago

    that was quick

  • Jimmy 9 years ago

    Yes, because its got a better rating than yours Fat boy :P

  • zach 9 years ago

    ???????????????? hellooooo ????

  • zach 9 years ago


  • Zach 9 years ago

    Was it nice? :P

  • Jimmy 9 years ago

    Thank you dear ;)

  • Cara 9 years ago

    Thats genius! :)

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