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Published Thursday, 03 February, 2011 by Shane Ross

Very Simple



  • Bread.


Put bread in a toaster. Wait for toast to pop up. take Toast out. Eat.

Very simple unless you don't have a mind.


  • Rye 6 years ago

    This is so confusing help

  • Raoul Moat 8 years ago

    Remember me?

  • to wagner 8 years ago

    fernando who?
    chelsea 0
    liverpool 1

  • Tom Clowe 8 years ago

    I support a very bad team

  • Tom Wagner 8 years ago

    thisski aintski yourski recipeski!!

  • EmmalittleminksWest 8 years ago

    Does this actually work. I've tried but I can't succedd blad

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  • Oh great! Now we all have sweet tooths!