Best raspberry shortbread bars

The Best Raspberry Shortbread Bars

These raspberry shortbread bars are comically easy and completely foolproof

10 min. Prep
40 min. Cook
50 min. Total
16 Servings




Heat oven to 350˚.



In a large bowl, mix butter, sugar, and flour until they resemble crumbly bits about the size of lentils. Press 2⁄3 of this dough firmly into the bottom of a square pan. (Add a little more flour if too sticky)



Spread the jam over the dough, taking care not to hit the edges. The jam will burn if it makes contact with the pan so leave about a 1⁄4-inch border. Crumble the remaining dough over top, scrunching it into clumps and sprinkling it over the top of the jam. Press gently on the topping to settle it.


Bake for 40 minutes until just turning golden brown at the edges and hardening/crispy on top. Cool completely, cut and serve, or store in an airtight container for up to three days.

These raspberry shortbread bars are my go-to dessert. Anytime I have company of any kind coming over I make these because I know they are sure to be a hit.

I first had these raspberry shortbread bars as a small child down at the beach. My aunt is a fantastic baker and these are a staple for her. If there was ever a crowd down at the beach you could count on Aunt Keri to bring a few dozen of these bars.

The bottom shortbread layer is buttery and light with a perfect crumbly texture. The raspberry layer in the center gives this treat the perfect amount of tartness and the crumble on top gives these raspberry shortbread bars the perfect finish.

The best thing about these bars is that you can make them at almost any time because you are sure to have these ingredients stocked in your pantry. Even if you don’t have raspberry jam there are plenty of other fillings you can sandwich between these two layers of buttery shortbread. For a younger crowd (or picky eaters) I love to make these with Nutella. The hazelnut chocolate pairs so well with the shortbread and easily transforms these raspberry shortbread bars into Nutella shortbread bars.

Last week I stopped at a farm stand and picked up a jar of fresh cherry jam and decided to make the bars with that. They were incredible and again so easy. You can make these with lemon curd for an easy lemon bar, strawberry jam, marmalade, or any filling you can think of you can spread onto these bars.

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These raspberry shortbread bars are the best because they are so easy to make yet look so professional. It takes 10 minutes to throw these together and anyone will be impressed. I make these when I am at school whenever I have a jar of some spread that isn’t being put to use and they always get devoured. They never last more than 48 hours.

These are great in the summertime and they always remind me of the beach thanks to Aunt Keri, but they are also great during the holidays. My family makes different variations of these raspberry shortbread bars depending on the holiday. For Christmas it is usually Nutella or cherry, for Easter it is lemon curd or raspberry jam, Thanksgiving may be an apricot jam or even some sort of pumpkin filling. The options are endless and you can play around with the fillings in whatever way you want