Recreating the Z-Man Sandwich: Patrick Mahomes’ Favorite Food

When we saw an interview with Patrick Mahomes saying that the Z-Man Sandwich from Joe’s Kansas City BBQ was his favorite food, we knew we had to try it. This is our easy recipe for recreating the Z-Man sandwich.

15 min. Prep
5 min. Cook
20 min. Total
2 Servings




onion rings

Bake your onion rings in the oven or air fryer according to directions on the package


Warm store bought or fresh brisket in the oven


Cut your kaiser rolls and toast them in the oven or a toaster


barbecue sauce

Add barbecue sauce to the bun


Top with a large helping of brisket


Layer cheese on top of the meat and toasted under the broiler until the cheese melts (about a minute)


Place the onion rings on top with some extra barbecue sauce and close the sandwich with the other bun



Serve on a plate with pickles

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Why Is the Z-Man Sandwich Patrick Mahomes Favorite Food?

Patrick Mahomes' Favorite Food
Credit: Comman33 / Wiki Commons

After seeing football superstar Patrick Mahomes on Jimmy Kimmel, we decided it would be fun to recreate Mahomes favorite food: the Z-Man Sandwich from Joe’s Kansas City BBQ. Since he plays for the Chiefs and has led them to multiple Super Bowl wins, he is a huge promoter of Kansas City and all it has to offer.

Apparently, Joe’s famous Kansas City BBQ is like a “gas station” where you walk up and get the best brisket sandwich you could ever eat. The sandwich itself has an interesting history in which a BBQ aficionado suggested the restaurant advertise on the radio. Ever since Z-Man went on the air, everyone has heard of, tried, and fallen in love with this sandwich. Mahomes and Jimmy Kimmel are included in that list!

This sandwich is rich in texture since it includes a crispy roll along with crispy onion rings, which pairs well with the soft and tender brisket and melted provolone cheese. Plus, the sweetness of the barbecue sauce accents the saltiness of the other ingredients perfectly. After trying out this copycat recipe, we completely understand why this is Patrick Mahomes favorite food.

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Recreating the Z-Man Sandwich: Surprisingly Simple

Since this sandwich is Patrick Mahomes favorite food and famous all over the internet and radio, we figured it would be very complicated to assemble. However, it turns out to be very easy to remake at-home. That is, if you don’t live near Kansas City and cannot use DoorDash or Postmates to deliver it.

There is no doubt that Joe’s Kansas City Barbecue makes their smoked brisket fresh on-site. However, to make this recipe more accessible, we decided to buy it pre-made from our favorite local grocery store. Smoked meats can be hard to find, especially in urban areas, so a great substitute is braised brisket or braised beef.

You can also pick up the remaining ingredients from the grocery store including kaiser rolls, pickles, barbecue sauce, provolone cheese, and onion rings. For the onion rings, we bought frozen and then baked them in the oven before it came time to assemble our sandwich.

With a few easy steps to shop and prepare, you can whip up Patrick Mahomes favorite food in 5 minutes. Just make sure you take the time to assemble everything together and warm up the meet and cheese. You can’t enjoy this sandwich unless the cheese is warm and melted on the top.

The best part about our version at home is that it is totally customizable. If you don’t like barbecue sauce, you can easily substitute with mustard, mayo, or other sauces.