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Chickpea Salad

Published Tuesday, 02 October, 2012 by Karthika

Youll luv it



  • Chickpea
  • any italian dressing
  • sprouts


You dont have any method here just mix it


  • OHO 5 years ago

    This is chickpea salad not chocolate

  • Shritha 5 years ago

    Fit for nothing

  • Sophie 6 years ago

    Is there a simple way of making just plain milk chocolate? X

  • MONI 6 years ago


  • Aqsa 6 years ago

    Dis a stupid recipie..Y waste tym melting a chocolate and adding nuts to it when we get a simple bar of chocolate from the market with nuts in it.

  • Aero 6 years ago

    Ha.Nice but bad

  • Charlie 6 years ago

    Its so hard to find crispies aaaaaaaaahhhhh great

  • Sally 7 years ago

    Wasting of time and energy !

  • Khushi 7 years ago

    Im srry but this recipe is very silly....Like you are melting chocolate and then making chocolate
    silly im sorry :) :( ^_^ ;)

  • Laura 7 years ago

    Thats a good ideah, thankyou :d

  • Katy 7 years ago

    What type chocolate is this n why we will melt this chocolate just for adding nuts n rice crispies . Wasting of time.

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