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Quick Egg Salad Dressing

Published Saturday, 10 May, 2014 by Rottan

Egg dressing for fruit / veggie salad



  • * 1-2 hard boiled eggs, yolk separated, egg whites diced
  • * thousand island / similar ready made salad dressing
  • * sugar
  • * fruits of your choice (i'm using grapes, apples & tomatoes, all diced)
  • * canned sweet corn, grated carrot, lettuce


* mash and mix egg yolks with thousand island and add some sugar to your taste

* use as dressing on egg whites, fruits and veggies, mix together

* you can add some diced toasts for some crunch


  • Eva Fe Delima 4 years ago

    Is this delicious? I want to try this,, for our demonstration..

  • Vince 4 years ago

    Nice recipe! :)

  • Carl 4 years ago


  • Gtrhkbotrkgvop 4 years ago


  • Meez 4 years ago

    I do not understand it.

  • Aria 4 years ago

    What do not feel bad it is best i loved it

  • Dowa 4 years ago

    Never try tastes like barf (sick)

  • Croma 4 years ago

    Bakwas diwana dish very bad ugly dish never try this dish.

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