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Tunisian Grilled Salad

Published Sunday, 09 June, 2013 by Potato

"slata mechwia" served cold and ideal for summer!



  • - fresh tomatoes and green chilies (quantity is up to you, you should generally have as much tomatoes as chilies)
  • - 2 or 3 garlic cloves (more if you want)
  • - olive oil
  • - salt
  • - coriander
  • - eggs (one or two eggs per person)
  • - olives (green or black)
  • - tuna


Grill the tomatoes, chilies, and garlic on a pan (you know they're done when their skin is blackish and peeling).

when they're done, take off the fire, put them in a plastic bag (it will make the skin come off more easily) and peel them.

chop the tomatoes and chilies very finely, crush the garlic and mix everything in a plate.

don't season or anything right away. This salad is kept in the fridge as it is. When serving, add olive oil, salt, coriander, and decorate with olives, tuna and a hard boiled egg, as in the photo.

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