simple cupcakes :)

easy , fast cupcake recipe, makes 12

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baking powder

start by weighing out the sugar , followed by the butter and cream together in a bowl until it looks like a farily smooth paste , then place the the flour and the baking powder in and combine with the paste , then add the wet ingredients and whatever flavouring you want and combine together until the mixture looks smooth , creamy and thick in consistancy (if starts to look a bit like dough add a couple of tsps of water) then place in to a lined cupcake tin(use paper cases to avoid to much mess , or grease the mould well so the mixture does not stick) then place in the oven(preheat before hand to around 180 degrees ) and bake for around 15 mins checking at ten mins until the cakes have golden brown tops which should spring back when pressed if they do not do this of still look like they have a liquid middle they need a little longer in the oven but not too much longer else they will burn!