Simple Savory Rice!

Rice, with a bit of kick!

Preparation Time

Cook Time





Step 1:

  • Wash and peel your carrot, then chop into small cubes (you can have bigger chunks if you prefer)
  • Step 2:

  • Step 3:

  • Wash your peas and then add both the carrot and peas into a small pan of water and leave to boil.
  • Step 4:

  • Step 5:

  • Rinse your rice to remove the yeast and add to a seperate pan, cover the rice with water, add the stock cubes and stir until it begins to boil (make sure you just cover the rice with water, too much water and the recipe will fail)
  • Step 6:

  • Step 7:

  • Cover the rice and stock with the pan lid and leave to simmer for roughly 15 mintues (time can change depending on what rice you use)
  • Step 8:

  • Step 9:

  • Drain your carrots and peas and add to the rice and stock mixture, mix in well and serve 🙂
  • Step 10:

  • Step 11:

  • You could always add some chicken breast if you wanted a more meaty dinner 🙂