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2 Minute Miracle Flapjack

Published Monday, 02 November, 2009 by Will Broadbent




  • Oats
  • Butter or margarine
  • Golden Syrup
  • (optional) Banannas / chocolate


Put a couple of scoops of margarine with a two table spoons of golden syrup into a bowl.

Heat in the microwave until all the contents has melted together. (may start to bubble)

Keep on adding oats until the sauce is fully soaked, make sure they are still moist so that it isn't too dry.

(optional) Stir in thin slices of banana or small bits of chocolate.


  • BakerPaige 1 year ago

    I love making food esspecially cakes ,cookies and flapjack this is a great recipe for anyone but I am eleven and would recommend for young people to have supervision while doing anything near the oven.

  • DELICIOSLY GOOG 4 years ago


  • Abigail 8 years ago

    Umm they look so tasty. Can't wait too try one

  • AZ the Hot Shot 8 years ago

    What's with those video's ? on the right?

  • Kitty 8 years ago

    Mmmm I love microwave flap jacks. But I used syrup sugar unsalted butter and oats and microwave them nom nom.

  • Joki 8 years ago

    you can eat it either way but put it in the oven for about 20mins gas mark 5 to get normal flapjacks :)

  • Holly 8 years ago

    How long does it need to be cooked for?

  • Emma 8 years ago

    Tried it with honey instead tastes goooooood!

  • becca 8 years ago

    thanks :) i havent put it in the oven and its really, em slopy? haha

  • georgia 8 years ago

    justabout to make it thankyou though kate youve helped a lot xx

  • marco 8 years ago

    I'm only 12 and even I know flapjack need baking

  • sophie 9 years ago

    i enjoyed makeing it but there wasnt enought of it to go around :( and it took less than 2 minuest !

  • liam 9 years ago

    sounds absouloutely amazing i using it for my final exam

  • Sophia 9 years ago

    These sound really nice, butaren't you meant to put them in the oven ordo you finish there and eat them like a porridge?

  • Honey 9 years ago

    really nice quick and easy recipe to make, took me about 3 mins max. tasty too:)

  • Kate 9 years ago

    Really Good! They missed one vital thing! You need to put the mix into the oven until the mix has turned golden brown. Then you can either eat it while its hot and soft or when its cool and crunchy. Hope this helps! xx

  • sunny 9 years ago

    realli-i aint makin it-i think u put it in the ovenrnwhoopsrn

  • Kaytie 9 years ago

    i took me aaaaaages to make, but then again im quite slow at cooking! dont try it... its a waste of ingredients hen!

  • ann 9 years ago

    is that it dont you put into oven

  • Sera 10 years ago

    didnt take me much more than 2 mins :s

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