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Bacon And Egg Sarnie

Published Thursday, 17 March, 2011 by Biba

i just make it so daym good!



  • - 2 Slices of Bread
  • - bacon, (as many as you want.. 3-4 preferably)
  • - egg, (i have two eggs, but you could have one)
  • - butter
  • - tomato sauce


- heat up a frying pan, wait until hot then spray / pour a little oil into pan.

- place the bacon in pan.

- when the bacon looks nearly dont crack the eggs into the pan with the bacon in

- pop the bread in the toaster

- when both bacon and eggs and toast are done turn of the hob

- butter BOTH slices of toast

- then it goes, bacon (half of how many you put in the pan) egg[s] and then the rest of the bacon, then top it off with tomato sauce, slap the other slice of toast on top.

& bloody well enjoy it! i love it.. :)


  • GRUMPY 4 years ago

    Hmm... Wrong sauce.... Has to be hp..

  • Ryan 8 years ago

    Any bacon sandwich is a good sandwich but for something a little different (and if you have a george foreman/similar grill) try grilling the bacon and frying to egg, lightly toasting both sides of the bread (unless you have thick bread) and popping it all together with some grated cheese in the middle... the eggs will melt the cheese whilst you're eating it!

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