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Bacon Sluts

Published by sarah

bacon sandwich with soup



  • bacon
  • bread
  • heinz tomato soup
  • cheese


cook bacon,put in sarnie with cheese toast sarnie. Warm soup. use toasted sandwich to dip into soup.

best hangover cure ever


  • Ekyhyfygh 5 years ago

    You're messed up theryre not sluts

  • lol mama 7 years ago

    is that bacon that poor pig you meanie = (

  • Sarah 8 years ago

    Yes this was named after me, I'm a massive sl*t :]

  • ronnie 8 years ago

    oh my gosh i neeeed this so much thanks!!!

  • boxxy 8 years ago

    hi my name is boxxy and i love bacon thank for this fabulous recipie

  • Mick 10 years ago

    Well, is it named after you? You dirty little minx...

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