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Bacon Supreme

Published by Ben

Mmm bacon!



  • Toast, Marg, cheese, lettuce, bacon and raw peppers and onions (if you like that sort of thing).


grill bacon, butter toast, put cheese on toast, put bacon on cheese, then lettuce (sliced pepper and onions) and then the other piece of toast, consume!


  • [email protected] Hazel2014arroyo 4 years ago

    I like your web site ...

  • I Like Pancakes 6 years ago

    I love this web site!!!!!!!

  • to im hung-ry!!!! 8 years ago

    MARGARINE idiot!!!

  • pho 9 years ago

    Iam born to be a chef and work at costa coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pho 9 years ago


  • Ijust know somepeeps 9 years ago

    Hey Rebecca, just found this website, i'm gonna make it now. Hows Megan, Ashley and Nicky. I've also heard about another child being born. How is he?

    From ijust know somepeeps

  • Rebecca Parker 9 years ago

    I'm trying my best to make a meal for my two girls, but since I've had another child I don't really want to be cooking for long. This is a very helpful recipe that will not take longer than 5 mins. Thank You Student Recipes. Ashley, Megan, Nicky (my husband) and myself will all enjoy this meal together!!

  • IM hung-ry!!!! 9 years ago

    lol, whats marg? would it be incorrect without marg?

  • hunnybunnyj 10 years ago

    sounds good but i think it might be followed by a heart attack!!!

  • Joe King 10 years ago


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