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Beens On Toast

Published Thursday, 19 February, 2009 by georgie

Toast with beans on top.



  • Beans
  • butter
  • bread


1.toast your bread using a toaster.

2. Cook your beans either using a hob or microwave.

3.Butter your toast and add your beans.

4.Finally enjoy your meal.


  • jake 8 years ago

    haha love the description
    helped me loads

  • nicola 8 years ago

    ooooh thiis sounds like a nice meal, i just hope i can make it.....

  • col 9 years ago

    were would we be without recipes like this?

  • James 10 years ago

    you have saved my life i didnt know how to do this untill now thank you so much

  • Jess 10 years ago

    Very origanal, lol, I like it!

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  • Ideal for summer, but equally delicious in Fall.