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Beer & Crisps

Published Wednesday, 05 May, 2010 by Derek H

Simple & Tasty



  • 1 Can of beer (any)
  • 1 Glass
  • 1 Packet of crisps (again, any flavour)


Best to do this sitting down in front of the tv!

Open can of beer and pour into glass. (any glass would do although I find a pint glass works well!)

Open packet of crisps.

Alternate between drinking and eating to prevent dry mouth occuring.



  • Bob 7 years ago

    this has changed my life! thank you soso much xxxxx

  • Derek 8 years ago

    Fair enough Mark, I'll have to rethink this one. Appreciate you pointing out potential problems.

  • Mark 8 years ago

    Legend!! ha ha However, slightly more complicated if you get the beer and crisps in the wrong order, your TV license has expired, the council tax bailiffs have taken the TV and the replacement you got from "Dave" at the local which only picks up Channel 5 only works properly if you hit it! All a nice idea at the time but too many "complications" to consider. Or is it just me?!

  • James 9 years ago

    Bit of a lad arn't you..

  • tom jack milly 9 years ago

    this is the best recipe ever!! im making this on tuesday.. ahh easy lessons FTW.<3

  • Dave 9 years ago

    Superb recipie. Really simple to make.

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