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Published Saturday, 27 December, 2014 by Ajay

Tasty burger in minutes



  • Buns
  • butter,cheese
  • black pepper,salt
  • tomato
  • onion
  • cabbage
  • egg
  • cutlet/chicken fried
  • some nuts
  • tomato ketchup


Two pieces of bun were taken.Butter were applied in it.Tomato,onion,cabbage were cut into pieces.Egg were fried in a small pan.Tomato,onion,cabbage pieces were kept in the bun in order.Cheese slice was kept after the vegetables.Chicken piece/cutlet were kept in it.Sprinkle some pepper and salt.Put the fried egg pieces. Ketchup were added for taste. Keep the other piece of bun in top of the burger. Keep it in a tava or oven. Serve hot


  • Shanaya 4 years ago


  • Sadaf 4 years ago

    It was great

  • Hannah 4 years ago

    Its yummy and this website is also amazing good carryon

  • Maitha 4 years ago

    I dont what to say this food is such a and i even vomet of this food

  • Kaizer James Lopez 4 years ago

    Wow so yummy

  • Sheela 4 years ago

    Hw much time have to keep in oven for heat

  • Anam 4 years ago

    Soooooooooo easy to make it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sahiba 4 years ago

    What a fool recepie

  • Preethi 4 years ago

    How to make the cutlet b'cauz i dont know how to cook

  • 4 years ago

    Excellent dish

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  • Thanks Zoe for uploading this awesome cupcake recipe!