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Buttered Biscuit

Published Monday, 17 August, 2009 by rachel

quick and tasty don't knock it till you try it :)



  • Digestive biscuit works best
  • Butter of your choice


1.Get a biscuit

2. Spread butter on it


  • Dani 6 years ago

    Add some strawberry jam on it too to make it extra amazing!

  • Soph (: 8 years ago

    amazing!! especially coz i dont like cheese on biscuits but butter is SOO GOOD !

  • Treasa 9 years ago

    If you use rich tea biscuits, and put them together and dip them in your tea its amaze :)

  • lau 10 years ago

    very simple..

  • Danz 10 years ago

    I do the same with weetabix ummmm yummy!

  • naz 10 years ago

    lol, been doing this since i was 12....good times...but only ever with deggy biccies.

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