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Cereal Au La Gemma'n'kelly...x

Published by gemma

easy breakfast



  • cereal (prefalbly your fav)
  • milk


put into bowl

pour on milk



  • choccy 7 years ago

    nooo imm sorry

  • choccy 7 years ago

    nver say never see inever thought that icould play with fire ay inever thought that i could take the burn inever had the strenght totake it higher till it came to getting point of no return cuz getting bk when ur hearts under attack gonna give every thing i have cuz this is my fantasy i will never say never <<<< i just said it

  • luke 7 years ago

    safe chocky i love you

  • choccy 7 years ago

    heelo :)

  • choccy 7 years ago

    hello pretty ladies!

  • finn 9 years ago

    utterly fecking mindblowing!

  • Karen 9 years ago

    What a stupid !! Gemma and Kelly must be dumb blondes with nothing better to do!!!!

  • chloe 10 years ago

    This has changed my life completely! you should have seen me before this in the morning i was always truggling to make it in time but this is amazing wish i had thought of it before thanks!

  • jake 10 years ago

    good site tho its very useful

  • jake 10 years ago

    i think anyone can do that

  • Lollie 10 years ago


  • Alfie 10 years ago

    I always used to get the ingredients right but I always used to drink the milk and then eat the cereal! This has been a life changing recipe. Niiiiiiice one

  • Ryan 10 years ago

    You can't get more helpful than this, I have been running about like a headless chicken before, sometimes taking up to an hour to make this breakfast meal - thanks so much.

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