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Cereal Sandwich With Nutella

Published Tuesday, 22 October, 2013 by Eka

It's the best sandwich everrr!!



  • 2 slice of bread
  • nutella
  • cereal ( i use special kellog's k red berries)


1. Spread the bread with nutella (you can spread peanut butter jam in the other slice if you like)

2. Sprinkles the cereal

3. Enjoy the nutella cereal bread :))


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  • Aisha 4 years ago

    Definitely gonna try this! :)

  • Andrew 4 years ago

    ... It looks like something a 4 year old would do if you let him loose on the cupboards

  • Nkki 4 years ago

    You may also try to apply crushed cereals instead of regular cereals

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