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Chips,cheese And Curry Sauce

Published Sunday, 21 June, 2015 by Sephora

An old favourite/ also great with gravy



  • -any kind of freezer chips ie oven, crinkle cut, french fries
  • -gravy or curry granuels (i can never spell it)
  • -cheese// if you wanna get the best results mozerella cheese mixed with chedar is devine


-fry your chips

-make your sauce

-grate your cheese

-when chips are ready shove them in a bowl

-sprinkle cheese on top// the more the better

-add sauce

-let it all melt

-add some ketchup//optional but tastes great

-add salt if needed

comment what u think


  • ojdoiji 3 years ago

    pls give d recipe dis is not recipe

  • Dfhgfgjhj 4 years ago

    Fazoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolll :( :( :(

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