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Chocolate Ball

Published Thursday, 06 March, 2014 by Shanaya

Chocolate balls which will make your mouth brown



  • 1) any chocolate (not dark)i like dairy milk
  • 2) chocolate sauce


1st step:- take 1 piece of chocolate and roll it into a ball.

2nd step :- roll it properly (try no cracks)

3rd step:- take a knife and make a hole in the middle.(not too deep or wide)

4th step :- put chocolate sauce in that hole.

(not too much that it overflows)

5th step :- cover that roll by rolling the ball in your hand.

all ready : d


  • Fatima Farooq 4 years ago

    Good !

  • Priya 4 years ago

    It was chocolatous (chocolate+delicious)

  • Celia 4 years ago

    Woww i love chocolates

  • Ellie 4 years ago

    Finally i found something good to make :)

  • Hdfj 4 years ago


  • Keerthana 4 years ago

    Lukzzzzzzz yummmmy.........

  • DJlovlovyumyumcholate 4 years ago

    Sounds delicious but how do you roll the chocolate?

  • 4 years ago

    Very sillllllly recipe.... But easy so lemme try it... V could melt the chocolate bar quite thickly so that v can roll it!!!

  • Roshni 5 years ago

    It is nice and easy i am lovein it:)

  • Priyanshi 5 years ago

    Not nice but very very easy . Anybody can cook it .

  • Riya 5 years ago

    Not nice.............. But easy.......... And children eats well

  • Dhimaan 5 years ago

    This is jst horrible ........Do you have any idea as to how many million calories are there in just one ball??

  • Urjaswi D.C 5 years ago

    Wonderful recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ziahbug 5 years ago

    That sounds tasty.Yolo

  • Zozo 5 years ago

    Please anybody can tell me that we have to melt the chocolate??????? Tell fast

  • Syl 5 years ago

    Wow thats chocolaty!

  • Jansi 5 years ago

    Simple &nice dish. Kids like this dish very much.

  • Hitika Bajaria 5 years ago

    Nice one ! Huh!

  • Mazy 5 years ago

    Very sily

  • SHREYA 5 years ago

    Amazing idea!!!

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