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Chocolate Ladoos

Published Friday, 15 November, 2013 by Vrinda-taani

Yummy and tasty ladoos ever



  • Hot choco sauce
  • readymade cakes
  • neutrella 2spoons
  • butter
  • strawberry yogurt


Crush the cake first and then add the hot choco sauce. Mix it well and then put the neutrella with little butter . Mix the mixture till it gets soft. Pour a little strawberry yogurt in a bowl n mix it with hot chocolate sauce and then mix it with the mixture.

then make the ladoos and serve it with little strawberry yogurt on each one. Remeber to serve it cool and neat.

here u go with ur

tasty ladoos... :b..


  • anissss 3 years ago

    thanks for the delicious recipee and we can present for oral test which is cooking showw.yayyyy!!!!

  • mol 3 years ago

    thanks for the nice ideaaaaaaaaaa

  • Sudan 4 years ago

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaw mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Kliop 5 years ago

    It is a very bad dish. Children did not like this food.Bye and thank you for showing this to me.

  • Siva 5 years ago

    Can i and any other flavour of yogurt cause i hate strawberry. :-(

  • Ash Pop Star 5 years ago

    Soo tasty yum!Yum!

  • Shamini 5 years ago

    Kevala erukuthu

  • Mayooo 5 years ago

    How long does it takes

  • Ananya 5 years ago

    Can we put something else in the dish rather than strawberry yogurt..??? :o

  • Amulya 5 years ago

    Not so intrusting

  • Kendra-paige 5 years ago

    Ok...How much of each ingreadient and how do i cook it... If you are giving me the recipe, dont you think you shold tell me how to make it?

  • Kelsie 5 years ago

    That is the best ever

  • Jennah 6 years ago


  • Agatha 6 years ago


  • Carly 6 years ago

    Couple spelling erros, but good nonetheless(:

  • Lucy 6 years ago

    Great i like it :)

  • 6 years ago

    Guys plzz comment n rate if u like plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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