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Christmas-ie Sandwich

Published Friday, 14 December, 2012 by Callie

Caution! makes you feel in the mood for xmas!



  • Two slices of you'r favourite loaf
  • haslet (kind of like meatloaf but sausage like more tastier)
  • butter/ marg
  • branston pickle (or something similar i suppose cranberry or apple sauce might be nice to)
  • a sandwich machine or toaster or grill


1. - sandwich machine- butter the 1 slice of bread and put the pickle (or whatever you have) on the opposite side! Cook till you like it !

2. If using toaster bags then do the same i think it will work as its generally the same thing really

3. Grill- then lightly toast the other (lightly you dont want it crunchy) butter this side add the filling toast the one side of the slices to how you like it and serve :)

enjoy guys

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