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Easy Omelettes

Published Monday, 03 August, 2015 by Michael Tonks

Very few ingredients and done in just a few minutes :) / Serves: 1


  • 2 Eggs
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Fillings


1. Get a tall measuring jug and crack 2 eggs into it (Or more for a bigger Omelette ;) )

2. Add salt and pepper and mix together. I use a fork.

3. Get a frying pan and add vegetable oil. Make sure it's spread out and covers the pan, but don't use too much.

4. Prepare whatever you want to go into your Omelette. Grate some cheese, grill some bacon. Whatever you like :)

5. Put your oiled pan on a hob on medium heat. Wait a minute or 2 for the oil to warm up.

6. Pour in your eggy mixture. Use a spatula to stop it sticking to the pan. Keep turning it over regularly until sufficiently brown.

7. Put your filling on one half of the cooked mixture, and fold the other half over. Keep turning it over for a minute or so to give the whole thing time to cook.

8. Take it off the pan and serve. I usually it eat with Ketchup :)

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