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Easy Tuna Pasties

Published Saturday, 06 July, 2013 by Carolina Loriz

Tuna and tomato pasties



  • - 1 packet of frozen pastry shells.
  • - 1 can of tomato sauce.
  • - 2 cans of tuna.
  • - oil.


Open both cans of tomato sauce and tuna, and mix them. Fill in each pastry shell with 1 tablespoon of the mixture. Close the shells(half-moon shape) , pressing with a fork.

deep fry the pasties until crusty and golden on both sides.


***it is optional, but you can also add boiled eggs to the mixture.***


  • ian 3 years ago

    all it did was go to a sloppy mess. I probably did it wrong!!!

  • Jennifer 5 years ago

    Its quite easy and a very delicious one!!! :* ????

  • No-one 6 years ago

    I love going to make it right away. Thanxs

  • Vicky 6 years ago

    Brilliant, so easy!

  • Kate 6 years ago

    I needed a snack, and ive found it!

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