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Ham + Cheese Toasted Wraps

Published Friday, 26 March, 2010 by Samantha

melted cheese in lovely wraps



  • Tortillas (as many as desired)
  • Grated cheese (enough to fill a medium sized circle in your tortilla)
  • Ham (any kind)


1. place 1 tortilla on the surface and put some grated cheese in the middle and a slice of ham.

2. fold 4 sides in to the middle to make a rectangle shape, so none of the filling can get out.

3. cook in a griddle until golden brown. Better eaten fairly quickly so its warm.


  • Emma 7 years ago

    Cool like come

  • Hiii 7 years ago

    Can you make it with tamato and cheese

  • Samantha 7 years ago

    I would prefer people tocomment souly on the actual substance rather than using this as a chat website ! Thanks xx

  • hi 8 years ago


  • hi 8 years ago


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