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Lazy Toastie

Published Wednesday, 26 June, 2013 by Rhiannon

It may not be the most inventive recipe but hey it's something i've rarely seen done!



  • 1.The end slices of a loaf of bread is the key ingredient to the lazy toastie!
  • 2.Any sandwich filler from lunch meat, salad, cheese, this has even been done with super noodles before!
  • 3.Sauce! Literally any sauce will do, my personal favorite is barbecue sauce however most student are lucky to find a drop of tomato ketchup in their house so you will have to improvise!
  • 4.Seasoning...Now unless you're mother bought you a spice rack as a moving in present you're likely to just have salt and maybe even pepper! Whatever you're making just play around with it, you may even create something you really like and will continue to make!
  • suggestions:
  • roast chicken and barbecue sauce
  • super noodles and cheese (don't ask)
  • ham and salsa
  • hot dogs and chili mayonnaise!
  • doritos and salad (don't judge, i had nothing in)
  • cous cous and tomato ketchup
  • beans and cheese


Do i really need to put a method!? It's basically just a sandwich really except you toast the bread to break up the monogamous taste of plain bread, seeing as sandwiches are an extremely important component to the student diet!

1. Toast both sides of the crust, if you want to butter them, however the hot butter can taste a little sickly against the sandwich fillers.

2.Spread the sauce/seasoning over the toast

3.Apply sandwich fillers and push down on the top crust

tip: to break up ingredients that perhaps don't go that well together, add another layer of toast (if you've got any) to make a scooby snack!

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  • We are so impressed by the recent recipes posted by students just like you! Thanks, Grace for uploading this awesome new dish.