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Munchy Seeds

Published Sunday, 23 August, 2009 by jenna

quick & yummy but healthy snack



  • bag of mixed seeds (you can also just use pumpkin or sunflower mixed together)
  • soy sauce
  • honey / maple syrup (maple syrup is better for u but more expensive)
  • little bit of pepper (optional)


1. get a saucepan or frying pan nice and hot

2. now armed and deadly with your trusty wooden spoon throw in your seeds at stir for about 2 mins vigorously or they'll stick and burn you just wana lightly toast them (love your seeds!!!)

3. now add a teaspoon of soy and a small drizzle of syrup or honey

5. give your seeds another good stirring!! and so they're nicely coated in the sauce and remove and your all done :-)

Once they've cooled they are perfect for snacks at uni coz they take up such little space and really fill you up

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