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Published by Tara

A new way to eat doritos



  • Cheese
  • Sour Cream
  • Cheap Doritos
  • Salsa (optional)


Put all ingredients in a bowl, mix, put in the microwave until cheese has melted. About a minute should do. Then enjoy.


  • Lilly 5 years ago

    I think it would be better if you explain how to put all the ingredients so that we are 100% to do wat we r suppose to do.

  • KEN 6 years ago

    How many servings it can make?

  • Rowan 9 years ago

    You should mix the cheese and sour cream first, then put the doritos on a plate, pour on the cheese and sour cream, microwave for a minute, then slap some salsa on the side of the plate

  • Dortito Fanatic 9 years ago

    Doritos suck!

  • Penial Perpetrator 9 years ago

    can i substitute the sour aspect?

  • Laila <3 10 years ago

    i admit with with confused how can you mix it. this is weird but heyy ill do it for the fun but if they dont taste nice :-( i shall never try ur recipes muahahaha :) Joke. :P

  • Confused 10 years ago

    How do u mix doritos with sour cream salsa and cheese? wont the doritos break?

  • natikie 10 years ago

    Its very easy!

    Maybe toooooooooo easy! :(

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