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Nuttychoco Sandwhich

Published Friday, 23 October, 2015 by Nikita Shenoy

No bread sandwhiches



  • Almonds
  • 1 medium sized diary milk chocolate bar (roast almond is best for this)
  • 1 small sized dairy milk chocolate (plain is better)
  • 1 pack of marie biscuits


1.First break the chocolate into pieces.

2.microwave a couple at time for 15-20 seconds. If you want to melt it completely, try microwaving it for maybe 30 seconds.

3.after you have melted all the chocolate keep it aside for sometime.

4.take a few almonds and chop them into tiny pieces. take two biscuits out and put some of the melted chocolate on it.

6.sprinkle some almonds on top of it.

7.close it and keep it on a plate.

8.repeat steps 5-7 untill you run out of biscuits or chocolate.

9.serve and.....

10. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!

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