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Oreo Icecrem Slupppppp!!!!!!!!!

Published Thursday, 02 April, 2015 by Ainee Fasahat

So yummy that you will lick the stick



  • 1 small cup
  • milk
  • sugar
  • icecream stick
  • chocolate syrup (optional)


Take the cup and pour the milk into it.Next,add

some sugar and chocolate syrup, if you have.Then

freeze it.Aftersome time, when it is not freezed

properly,fix the stick in it.Just keep it in freezer till

it is freezed.Once it is freezed take it out from


your oreo icecream is ready!!!!!!!!!


  • Sharmaine 4 years ago

    what particular milk did you use?

  • Emily 4 years ago

    I tried to make chocolate syrup by melting chocolate chips, they ended up burning. Xd

  • Alisha 4 years ago

    How is it oreo?

  • Hii 4 years ago

    I never got to taste it because i didn't have the ingredients.....I think

  • Khushi 4 years ago

    I made it for celebrating mother day to surprise my mother.


  • NIKITA 4 years ago

    Nice one.. I'm gonna definitely try it.. Its so simple and seems lovely to taste.. 10q so much..

  • Someone 4 years ago

    Great recipe!

  • Unknown :p 4 years ago

    Seemmmmms tasty :p so i'm gonna surely try ! Hope this works as abcd said

  • Ijeoma Ejiakonye 4 years ago

    This is just so easy. It's quite fun.

  • Lica 4 years ago

    Nice recipe

  • Abcd 4 years ago

    Its an awesome recipe !
    it works !
    very easy to make

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