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Pesto Toastie - Nom

Published Monday, 16 June, 2014 by Anonymous

Juciy tomatoes with mozarellllllllllllllla cheese and pesto inside bread



  • Brown bread (i use hohoho(merrchristmas)vis wholemeal granary bread)
  • 1 pot of pesto
  • cherry tomatoes that are sliced
  • bag of mozzarella


1. Get 2 slices of the bread

2.Spread the pesto onto both of the slices of bread. Usually put it on quite thick. Not loads though

3.Open the bag of mozzarella and sprinkle some all over 1 slice of bread and then the other slice

4. Put the slices of tomatoes on top of the mozzarella.- both slices of bread

5.Finally put one piece of bread onto the other to make a sandwich

6. If you have a george foreman grill type thing then use that just put the sandwich onto it and close it until it is toasty and brown and mozzarella melts.


yolo it on a normal oven grill

enjoy that toasty ;)

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