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Quick Snack

Published Tuesday, 27 March, 2012 by Jyotsona

Yummy and easy!



  • 1)Cut up fruits *any of your choice*
  • 2)Ice Cream!


Get a cup and ice cream

Then put a small bit of ice cream in the cup and smooth it

Then put your cut of fruits(Mango,pear,apple,banana ect)

And Keep on doing this till you get half way to the top

and eat up!


  • By Someone 4 years ago

    Don't try make us mad

  • OXOXOXO 5 years ago

    Can u make how to make homemade whip cream

  • Ritu 6 years ago

    What a stupid recipe

  • Fatima 7 years ago


  • Tinky 7 years ago

    What is it called

  • Asif 7 years ago

    Your this recipes is boring

  • Arya 7 years ago

    Really tasty

  • Tomy 7 years ago

    Its so easy and healthy

  • Waqas 7 years ago


  • Yummy 7 years ago


  • Shazz 7 years ago

    Tooo much eazy..... :\

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