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Ritz Biscuits With Super Noodles!

Published Monday, 24 February, 2014 by Sarah

Ritz biscuits with super noodles



  • Ritz biscuits
  • any flavour super noodles


Crunch the biscuits up or just scoop the noodles onto the biscuits!


  • Amir 4 years ago

    Mouth watering

  • None Of Your Business 4 years ago

    This is nothing

  • Eqx 5 years ago

    Also works with cream crackers, or in bread as a sort of noodle-burger. Throw in some cheese or hot sauce to make it more interesting.

  • Anjali 5 years ago


  • Talitha 5 years ago

    They are a good snack to fill you up!

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