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Spicy Cheese Ranch Wrap

Published Monday, 07 April, 2014 by Kay

Takes 2 mins to make and perfect midnight snack



  • Tortilla
  • ranch dressing
  • cheese (i like shredded)
  • jalapenos


Spread some ranch on a tortilla, layer on as many jalapenos as you want, top it with cheese and roll it up.


  • Josh 5 years ago

    Green peppers instead of jalapeno peppers; pretty darn good. Quick, easy and relatively satisfying

  • Tina 5 years ago

    That sounds good im going make one

  • 456 5 years ago


  • ******** 5 years ago

    ******* ****************

  • Gualay 5 years ago

    This was abbsolutly fab thanx!!!!

  • Joseph Bugeja 5 years ago

    Beautiful and lovely. A great recommendation for cooking teachers!

  • Dilawar Singh Dhillon 5 years ago


  • Matt 5 years ago

    This sounds delicious...I am gonna try one!

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  • Thanks to Bisma for uploading this awesome recipe to!!! Looks delish.