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Toasted Cheesy Peanut Butter

Published Monday, 11 February, 2013 by Themaskedjester

Peanut butter and cheese on toast



  • Cheese ( your choice mild, strong ) grated
  • bread (white or brown both is good, 2 slices)
  • peanut butter (smooth or crunchy
  • butter ( real butter if available)


Place slice of bread under grill and toast 1 side.

take toast out and turn over and toast other side half way ( so toast is slightly golden)

take out of grill and throw lashings of butter on toast so its thick.

this all needs to be done when toast is still nice and hot.

add lashings of peanut butter, spreading it into the butter so it is kind of mixing.

you now have two options

option 1: you can now put under the grill as it is and watch peanut butter browning.

please note: peanut butter browns quickly under grill so keep your eye on it or it will burn.

option 2: put grated cheese on top of peanut butter (you can either put the cheese on top of cooked peanut butter or uncooked) and then put under grill until melted.

bonus: use processed cheese instead of grated. With cup of tea :) . Enjoy people.


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