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Two-ingredient Ice Cream

Published Sunday, 04 May, 2014 by Anaïs

Simple banana ice cream recipe- healthy



  • - ripe or very ripe banana(s)
  • - peanut butter or chocolate or anything you thik would taste good
  • * you can add nuts, chocolate, dried fruits (...) to add a special crunch to your recipe!


1. Cut your banana(s) in small piece

2. Freeze it for 1-2 hours

3. Mix your bananas with a tablespoon (or more ;) ) of peanut butter.

4. Eat it!


  • Jane 4 years ago

    Would recommend freezing bananas for longer, and blending with strawberries and a little milk(or milk alternative eg. Almond milk) and without the pb makes a nice strawberry icecream, or use caoco powder instead of the strawberries for a delicious chocolate icecream!

  • Chanjyot 4 years ago

    Not up to the mark.. Sorry but bad

  • 533yu 5 years ago

    It says thik but i think it means "think"! :d

  • Noorain 5 years ago


  • Lavanya 5 years ago

    Very delecious

  • Chloe 5 years ago

    Terrible explanation

  • Nawal 5 years ago

    I made it and i liked it .Thnx

  • Sindhu 5 years ago


  • GoldenEagle 5 years ago

    I cant wait to try this!

  • Srimanti Chattopadhyay 5 years ago

    It is very quick,tasty and easy recipe.And all children will like this.

  • Nikhitha 5 years ago

    Mouthwatering & simple

  • Zaina 5 years ago

    Yummmmy and simple..

  • Smiley 5 years ago

    That looks good but dont u mush your bananas or something? U like mix it with pb and it just turns to ice cream

  • Cindy 5 years ago

    Wow that looks so easy

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