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Unusual Breckfast

Published by owen sloanes

unusual but nice



  • wheatabix
  • milk
  • armonds
  • yogert


put wheatabix into a bowl then the milk put the yogert on top of the wheatabix and the the armonds(anywhere you want). and youre done!!


  • Fizzy 7 years ago

    Umm jade, learn to spell awesome

  • Anon 9 years ago

    I assume Jesus didn't even submit this recipe?

  • john 9 years ago

    "You have.."

  • Anon2 9 years ago


  • awsom jade 9 years ago

    learn to spell i am only 8 and i am better at spelling than you

  • porkedityet 10 years ago

    yogert = lol

  • anon 10 years ago

    "jesus, YOU got really bad spelling issues YOU should sort out" ~fixed

  • charly 10 years ago

    jesus, u got really bad spelling issues u should sort out :/

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