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Weetabix Nutella Sandwich (with Milk)

Published Monday, 04 March, 2013 by Jade

Nutella sandwiched between two weetabix biscuits soaked in milk



  • Weetabix biscuits x2
  • 2 heaped teaspoons of nutella (or any other type of chocolate spread)
  • enough milk to cover ( or just soak, if preferred)the weetabix


1,place two weetabix biscuits in a bowl.

2, get a teaspoon and heap it with enough nutella so that you can spread it evenly on top of the side of one weetabix biscuit.

3, after this, get another heaped teaspoon of nutella and repeat the same action with the second biscuit.

4, once both weetabix biscuits have been spread evenly with nutella, place the two nutella covered sides of the biscuit together, as if making a nutella sanwich

5, finally cover the weetabix nutella sandwich with milk and enjoy! :)


  • Sunny 5 years ago

    This sucks

  • Jake 6 years ago

    Cool and i like.Try to make another nutella snack

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