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Yum Yum Sandwich

Published Monday, 27 October, 2014 by Soorya

Healthy and yet tasty



  • 2 slices of bread
  • cucumber
  • mayonnaise
  • a frying pan ( if you want to toast it )
  • knife


1.Apply mayonnaise on the slice of bread

2.Chop the cucumber into small pieces

3.Put the chopped cucumbers on the bread

4.Press both the bread slides together

5.Keep it on the pan to just toast it .. If needed

serve and have it


  • Fatima 4 years ago

    We have common sense present with us we know that soooooo boring

  • Fatima 4 years ago

    Litterally very very very eassssy

  • Alisha 4 years ago


  • Sadz 4 years ago

    Thats nice

  • Radhika 4 years ago

    It's really spicy .

  • Princess 4 years ago

    Sooooo boring :(

  • Aishwarya 4 years ago

    Its awesome !!!!!!

  • A Nigger 4 years ago

    I prefer to use nobcheese instead of mayo. Very stinky and nice!

  • Hania 4 years ago

    It is a easy recipe that every one can apply at home and remove their hunger in less time with tasty and healthy snack

  • ANNIKA 4 years ago

    Add meat

  • To Bih 4 years ago

    Add cheese, its wonderfull

  • Pooja Math 4 years ago

    Nice recipies

  • Iqra 4 years ago

    Easy & yummy :)

  • Fauzeeyat 4 years ago

    Wow it delicious......

  • Afreen 4 years ago

    So bad ...

  • Kalyani 4 years ago


  • S.S.R 4 years ago

    Simple & nice

  • Mahvish 4 years ago


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