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Yummy And Different Beans On Toast

Published Saturday, 21 June, 2014 by Aroura77

It's a staple, but still interesting :d



  • Baked beans (economy are good :) )
  • cajun seasoning
  • cheese (cheddar, red leicester, blue cheese, gouda, brie and mozzarella are good, goat cheese is delicious (but expensive) and feta is a little strange...
  • bread (any you like)
  • garlic clove
  • optional:
  • rosemary (i don't buy it, i usually pick it out of people's gardens and freeze it ;) )
  • cherry tomatoes
  • fried onion


1) heat the beans and toast the bread

2) grate the cheese (or pull off small chunks) into the beans and melt it in. Then add a large teaspoon of cajun seasoning (you may want more)

3) rub the garlic clove (without the skin) on the bread

4) smother bread in beans x3 and enjoy ;)


you can rub rosemary into the bread as well, or you can boil cherry tomatoes in the beans (they burst in your mouth-it's delicious x3)

adding fried onion to the beans tastes good too ;)

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