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Yummy Yoghurt

Published Thursday, 04 July, 2013 by Andi

You can experiment a lot with plain white yoghurt.



  • - 1 pot of plain white yoghurt
  • - cinnamon *
  • - lemon *
  • - sugar *
  • - chocolate *
  • * means that you could leave this out or use something else in place.


Just get a bowl & put as much yoghurt in as you like. Then just add the cinnamon & sugar. Then rasp the lemon and chocolate so you have tiny pieces, which you also add in the bowl. Then stir well, and you're done.

don't be afraid to experiment with this. It's your choice how much you add, which ingredients you put in, etc. This is just based on my personal preferences.


  • Anon 5 years ago

    These comments :') why even bother

  • Sweet Girl 5 years ago

    I m just lovin it

  • Anjana 5 years ago

    Another type of yoghurt

  • Bluematthewj 6 years ago

    You spelt yougert rong :)

  • Yoksa 6 years ago

    This was soooooooooo good but kinda rubbish

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