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Cheap Chicken & Mushroom Soup!

Published Sunday, 17 January, 2010 by Amy

Quick and easy way to make a very yummy impressive soup!



  • Skinless chicken breast- diced
  • Chiken stock cube(s)
  • mushrooms- chopped
  • spring onions- diced/chopped
  • splash of soya source
  • mixed herbs.. will make the taste alot nicer (optional)
  • some worcester sauce just a dash.. adds to the flavour nicely (optional)


Boil a pan of water.. amount is as much as you wish to eat, i usually use 500ml for me

Dissolve the chicken stock cubes into the water, use as many as reccomended on the packet with the amount of water you have used.. add a few splashes of soya sauce.. turn to medium heat

Drop the diced chicken, diced spring onions and chopped mushrooms into the water

The chicken will turn white.. make sure it is white all the way through before serving

Add any optional ingredients..

Cook for around 10 minutes and serve

One yummy soup in around 15 minutes :)


  • Diego 7 years ago

    This is a great recipe but do yo have to use chicken stock because I'm from holland and we have things a bit different could I use that.

  • sian 8 years ago

    would you blizts all the ingrediants at the end or just put it all in a bowl when it is all cooked together??

  • Andy 9 years ago

    This is just perfect... especially when all u got left is some spare chicken breast, mushrooms and onions from other meals throughout the week :P

  • AMY 9 years ago

    Just as much as you need depends how hungry you are :)

  • bob 9 years ago

    great but how much of each ingrediant?

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