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Tomato Egg Soup

Published Monday, 25 May, 2015 by Joana

Simple and easy in just 10 minutes



  • 1. One tomato
  • 2. 3 cloves of garlic
  • 3. One egg
  • 4.Salt and pepper to taste
  • 5. Oil
  • 6. Anchovies or shrimps


1. In a small pot,heat up the pot with 2 table spoon of oil

2.Fry the anchovies and garlic

3. Remove the anchovies and place it into a bowl for later

3. Put in the tomatoes into the pot and fry it with the garlic

4. After 1 minute or so, pour in 2 cups of water and let boil

5. Season the soup with salt and pepper and taste

6. Break an egg into a bowl and pour over the soup and stir continuously till the egg cooks in the soup.

7. The soup will change into this beautiful colour because of the eggs. Taste it again and add salt if needed.

8. And its ready !

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  • But what should students eat if not cheese and bread?