Step 1:

  • To start, thinly dice an onion and put into a mixing bowl with your mince, chuckney/pickle, some parsley, basil, and an egg to bind it all, mix it all up with your hands into a big ball. Cut mixture into about 12 pieces and round them with your hands. prepair your tomatoes in a jug with your sugar and more parsley and basil. Carefully place your meatballs in a hot, deep pan, with a small amount of oil, regularly turn, when these look cooked, boil some water for he spagehtti, and pour the tomatoes onto the meatballs, leave to simmer untill your spagehtti is cooked and serve hot, all at once. Parmisan acompanys this very well, don’t great, peel strips off with a potatoe peeler 🙂 enjoy
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