Step 1:

  • First fry of the preferred meats and veg exept the mushrooms. Once it has a bit of colour to all of it the add the mushrooms at the last thing so they get the flavour of every thing else. When added the mushrooms add the chillie powder and seasoning to taste. Then add the phily enough to make the sauce thick but pourable. Then in a different pan cook the pasta whilst the sauce is reducing. In the pan add the amount of pasta you wish to put in then add water so there is about 3 inches above the pasta then add oil salt and about a capfull of the dilute juice. Leave to cook then Take both pans of the heat. Chop your basil thyme and parsley. Serve up and on top of the pasta add the butter then pour over the sauce give it a coating stir then add the herbs then apattete.
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