The’ Breakfast Sandwich

MMM best Breakfast sandwich ever.

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cream cheese

Fry up that bacon or make it in the microwave. If you do Make bacon in the microwave, the best way I believe is to put a paper towel down on the plate then place the bacon on top of the paper towel. place another paper towel over the bacon and layer on some more bacon. Make sure there is a paper towel on top. put it in for 2-4 mins depending on your microwave. THE PLATE WILL BE VERY VERY NOT!!!! let it sit for a few mins before taking it out. while its cooling toast(or don’t whichever) bagel, put on a thin layer of butter and then load on the cream cheese(optional but i like it loaded on there). then stack up 3-4 pieces of bacon of there and enjoy. You could also add an egg to it. Very good as well.